Are these UDC members the white supremacists who put up all those racist monuments BLM has warned us about? How about those Confederate veterans above them? Some mighty desperate and despicable folks if you ask me.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

At Least They Are Hearing Both Sides. Palatka, Perryville, Sculptor, Virginia. Do All Renamed Confederate Items Have To Be for Blacks?

JULY 15, 2021

**  Redmond councilors hear both sides on Confederate flag controversy at 4th of July parade.  (Oregon.  Well, at least they are hearing both sides.)

**  Proposed Putnam  ordinance that would protect Palatka Confederate statue  stirs ugly debate.  (Florida)

**  Confederate flag will remain a part of Perryville's city flag.  (Kentucky.  The Battle of Perryville took place here.)

**  Sculptor offers artistic clapback to Confederate monuments with chilling sculpture about black life.

**  Fairfax County  appoints task force  to review changing two  Confederate highway names.  (Virginia.  Well, will they or won't they?)

**  Vance High School officially renamed; other Confederate names to be changed in Charlotte. (North Carolina.  It will now be the Julius J. Chambers High School.  Again, Chambers is a worthy man, but why do all Confederate name changes have to be renamed for Blacks?)

**  Christiansburg approves tribute to African American history to be installed near Confederate  monument.  (Virginia.  Always room for another historical monument.)

--Old Secesh

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