Are these UDC members the white supremacists who put up all those racist monuments BLM has warned us about? How about those Confederate veterans above them? Some mighty desperate and despicable folks if you ask me.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Alabama, Charlottesville, Georgia, Kentucky and Sad R.

JUNE 8, 2021

**  Should Alabama continue marking  Confederate President Jefferson Davis' birthday as statewide holiday?

**  Charlottesville city council votes to remove Confederate statues that were focus of violent 2017 protests.  (Virginia.  Real bug to visit Georgia this summer.

**   surprise there.

**  Activists seek support from Guntersville  city council on removal of Confederate flag on county property.  (Alabama)


JUNE 9, 2021

**  Confederate renaming commission for military assets to visit Georgia this summer.

**  Perryville forms committee to redesign city logo: current design includes Confederate flag.  (Kentucky.  Flag on it because of the Battle of Perryville.)

**  Battle continues over Richmond's last Confederate monument.

--Old Secesh

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